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Our Policies

Welcome to The Edition Online. Our mission is to deliver relevant and timely content to the students and community of La Cueva High School by maintaining high journalism standards and integrating print and electronic media into our network of news sources.

Our staff and editors strive to create an accurate and open student forum that represents the views of The Edition staff and not necessarily that of the administration.  We highly encourage student involvement, accept letters to the editor, and maintain a majority of student-generated content.

The Edition Online is subject to a policy of prior review by student editors, our adviser, and school and district administration in accordance with the Albuquerque Public Schools Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

As a limited public forum, any comments, views or opinions presented in the public comment parts of this site are subject to moderation by The Edition staff, editors, and adviser.  Published comments are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Edition editors, staff, adviser or school and district administration. The Edition editors and staff are expressly required not to make defamatory statements and not to infringe or authorize any infringement of copyright or any other legal right by electronic communications. Any such communication is contrary to The Edition policy and outside the scope of the journalistic responsibilities of the individual concerned. The Edition will not accept any liability in respect of such communication, and the student responsible will be personally liable for any damages or other liability arising.

Producing The Edition is not only an exercise in the skills of news writing but also is a  continuous process involving critical thinking and teamwork. It’s also a lot of fun.

At La Cueva, we have a 30+ year tradition of excellence in student publications, and we would like to continue that trend with our online newspaper. If you have any ideas about how to improve our website or print copy, please send your comments to

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