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Problem with the Pull Quote

Dear The Edition,

I don’t doubt some jaws dropped when students who were given the edgy new edition of “The Edition” turned to page four and saw “They’re taking Dion’s away? What is this? Auschwitz?” emblazoned as a selected quote across the center of the page. Guess what La Cueva? It’s really not like Auschwitz. But you all probably knew that.
I’m not accusing “The Edition” for being antisemitic because their editing falls short, but there are a lot of people and organizations out there who would. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if I dropped a ridiculous comment like that one time or another, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to write it down.
I understand that this newspaper is trying to be provocative, but you can leave the edginess at telling the new principal how to do her job, or comparing star football players to Jesus. As for holocaust remarks, that’s just tasteless.
– Someone who thinks he should say something