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Upcoming Parent Forum “Recognize the signs of drug use”

La Cueva will host its third parent forum of the year on February 13th in which current drug trends will be reviewed and parents will learn about signs and symptoms of opioid use.  The forum begins at 6:00 pm, not 6:30 as published in our most recent issue of The Edition.


For the Record

Caitlyn McDowell | Co-Editor

In the opinion piece “Under-appreciated Artists,” published in Volume 31 Issue 3 of The Edition, Shannon Ford wrote, “I don’t think any other activity, including sports, can say they’ve spent [over 12 hours] at school in one day without leaving and returning.” An examination of the facts shows that on a game day, football players may spend an estimated 16 hours at school and with the team.  Ford also states that “athletes can get to school at the same time as everyone else,” which may be true during off-season. However, during season, many athletes come to school before zero hour for conditioning, especially the wrestling, swim, and football teams.

The Edition staff and editors acknowledge the hurt feelings resulting from this opinion piece. We also acknowledge the significance at this situation. Students at La Cueva:  athletes, musicians, artists, and the general school body should support one another. To bring one group up, someone else does not have to be brought down.

As an athlete at this school for the past four years, the tension between the support from athletics and other activities has only grown. However, if any school team is having a troublesome season, we should be quick to encourage them in their pursuit of success. Not everyone can understand the difficulties that each activity will bring, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t admire it. Hours spent in work or practice are particular to the activity, and don’t need to be compared. Although my days at La Cueva are almost up, I do hope to see a more supportive atmosphere in the future of the school. A place where people chose to pursue what they wish and are not only accepted, but encouraged to follow their interests, no matter what they are.

For the Record

A news article about LCHS Principal Dana Richardson published on page five of the September print issue incorrectly reported the following pieces of information:

  • Richardson started at La Cueva as a teacher. The correct information is Ms. Richardson started at La Cueva as 12th Grade Assistant Principal. She began her teaching career in Truth or Consequences, NM.
  • Richardson and former principal Mr. Resch graduated from Eldorado in 1983.  The correct information is both graduated from Eldorado, but in different years.
  • Contradictory statements that Richardson does not have plans for making changes to the school and Richardson has already admitted to having numerous plans of change. The correct information is Ms. Richardson does not intend to make significant changes in her first year as principal; she will continue the initiatives implemented over the last two years.
  • One of Ms. Richardson’s goals this year is to enforce the dress code more than last year. The correct information is that Ms. Richardson has made no changes to the level of dress code enforcement, nor have dress code expectations changed.
  • Change is on its way in the La Cueva halls. The correct information is that while Ms. Richardson is a different person than Mr. Resch, La Cueva policies, practices, and halls remain unchanged.

The Edition editors and adviser also acknowledge that the tone of the student quote featured in the pull-out does not do justice to the office of head principal.  We sincerely apologize for editorial oversight.  We strive to maintain ethical standards for due diligence and to be thoughtful and concerned for the welfare of all our school.