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Review of Edward Scissorhands

Nick Killman | English 9

Movie poster featuring Johnny Depp as Edward and Winona Rider as Kim. Image located at GooglePlay.

I am reviewing the classic movie Edward Scissorhands. This movie was filmed and produced in the 1990’s. The director is Tim Burton, screenwriter is Caroline Thompson and some of the main actors include Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. The movie is about a machine that has almost all the traits of a human except one thing, he has razor sharp scissors for hands. These scissors are not removable so it is something he has to live with. Edward lives in a castle until a friendly Avon lady discovers him and brings him to her very bland neighborhood. Needless to say his stay starts off very well and is accepted until certain events makes the neighborhood believe he is evil and the whole neighborhood turns against him.

In the beginning all the neighbors enjoy Edward because he is different. He entertains the neighborhood by doing things like cutting their bushes into crazy things, giving their dogs haircuts and even cutting the neighbor’s hair into very different hairstyles. Before he gets there the whole neighborhood is boring, but while he’s there he turns the neighborhood into a very divergent crowd. When Edward meets Kim and her friends, that is when things start going bad for Edward. He gets blamed for things he didn’t do and is falsely accused of many bad things.

While watching this movie I saw many signs and hints to greater ideas than just a Gothic robot with hands. The lighting, camera views, and colors used in the movie help to support the idea that Edward has many Gothic details, but inside he just wants to be nice and loved. This movie also shows how the teen crowd are such judgmental people and are rude to people that are different, which is exactly what is shown in this movie.

The colors used in this movie are symbolic of that character’s mood and heart, such as Edward always wearing black which symbolizes sadness, Peg always wears pink which symbolizes good heart and kindness. The evil Peg always wears red, which symbolized judgement and rudeness. Things like this really change how I look at the movie because it gives the movie a completely different vibe. Another sign is when Kim and Edward first gaze upon each other, Kim sees Edward in a reflection of a mirror, which I think symbolizes that Edward isn’t real in the sense of being human.

Overall I believe this movie is very well written and played with many hidden details that you have to find yourself. When you find these details it changes your whole perspective of the movie in a very good and mysterious way. I would recommend this movie to anyone and any age. It has so many lessons and is also just a really good fairy tale/Gothic story.


What it’s really like to get your wisdom teeth removed

Isabella Barton | Editor

Two Days Before: Nerves start.

Day Before: Nerves really kick in.  No food or water if you’re going to be under anesthesia.
Day of Operation:

7:00 AM: Wake up and get ready.

7:30 AM: On your way to the oral surgery office.

7:45 AM: Name is called and they do one more X-Ray.

7:50 AM: They explain to you and your family everything that’s going to happen.

8:00 AM: They put the IV in your arm.

8:01 AM: They start putting different shots into the IV.

8:02 AM: The room gets foggy and you start to feel sleepy.

9:30 AM: You open your eyes, not sure what happened.  It feels as if no time has passed at all.

Cotton is filled in your mouth to control the bleeding and your lips are very chapped.

9:35 AM: The doctor comes in and tells you how the operation went and asks if you’re in pain.

9:40 AM: You feel very out of it, but nothing hurts.

9:45 AM: You are rolled to your car in a wheel chair so you can go home.

10:00 You’re home and still feeling out of it.  Odds are your loved one took a video or two of you.

10:10 AM: You feel like you could eat, yet you can’t chew, so you drink something soft like a smoothie from Keva Juice.

10:30 AM: You lay down and fall asleep.

1:00 PM: You wake up eat something else and take a pain killer and then go back to bed.

4:00 PM: The same process has continued since 1:00, and will for the rest of the day.

Post Op Day one: Your face is starting to get very swollen and you feel drained. You can’t really open your mouth, but the painkillers keep you out of pain.

Post Op Day Two: Your face is huge and there’s a little bit of bruising, but you mange and the painkillers help.

Post Op Day Three and Four: You feel better, but your face is swollen and you can’t really chew, just yet.

Post Op day five: The swelling starts going down and you can eat softer food.

The next days you will just increasingly feel better and your mouth will hurt less and less. It’s important to follow the instructions given by the doctor, but nothing’s to be afraid of or worried about.

Life is a choice

by Mary Todd

Hands of a prisoner on prison bars.

Hands of a prisoner on prison bars.

I loved him, guess that is expected for siblings, and he loved me. Never let me forget it. My only question is why. Why did it start after high school? After he meet them. That girl, those boys. I don’t think he knew he was hurting me. Not physically, but mentally. The actions? Coming home late, leaving before mom came home, and I paid the price.

My mom changed too. Started yelling, screaming, arguing. It hurt my feelings. I was the first to realize that he was doing the wrong thing. Sleeping all day, not eating with us, smelling like skunk. Yet, I never said a thing. All I did was stand by the window, waiting to see him walk away.

The first time he was caught, I cried. Just not in front of anyone. I wanted to be strong, for my mom.  Over the three months he had been in, I couldn’t see him. “Not old enough,” they would say (mom, grandpa, grandma). But I knew the real reason. It was because they didn’t want him to be depressed, that he would hate himself if I saw what had happened.

Well it’s his fault that he is in this mess, he desires some form of discipline. If he can’t deal with it, it’s his problem. Besides, I just wanted to see my brother. He was my role model for the longest time. I guess you could say I was hurt. But I never showed it.

When he got out I was happy, really happy. Gave him the biggest hug I could. He was good, until he got a hold of his friends, and that girl. I hate her.

That’s when it went downhill. Not showing up for court, drug-tests, he went back in, got out. One and a half weeks later got back in. All for the same stupid thing. Does he ever learn his lesson?

On the special occasions that he was home, his door was locked, no ‘out-side world’ allowed. Like I said, I loved him, still do. Though sometimes it’s hard, like it might be the wrong thing to do. Maybe he will change, guess it’s his choice. I just pray he make the right one.