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The Fun of the Fair


A photo of the big ferris wheel at the New Mexico State Fair. 

The New Mexico State Fair is one of the most interesting two weeks of the year. People take off work or go right when they get off or get out of school. They are willing to take the time and spend the money to get in and eat the famous fair food.

There are so many amazing attractions at the fair; I don’t know even know where to start. The numerous rides, different games, variety of food and all the amazing things you can buy. I go to the state fair every year multiple times. And every time I see something I didn’t see before. It is an amazing adventure, even just to go once.

My family and I always get Navajo tacos and sweet tea. Although, there is a lot of delicious food, such as chicken legs, cotton candy, fried Oreos, funnel cake, ribbon fries, corn on the cob, etc… It is a pretty reasonable price for any of the items listed above.

You can also get jackets, toys, souvenirs, etc… Depending on what you buy and which station you get it from the prices range.

There is also the Ronald McDonald farm and petting zoo, which is a fun free activity for the kids. Also for kids, and of course adults, there is face painting and henna too!

No matter what you eat, what you buy, or what you do, it is always worth the time, money and adventure. So, next year get out there and have some fun!


Environmental Club


Members of the Environmental Club take out the recycling. Photo Credit to Douglas Mattson

Proposing ideas for new recycling options, cleaner water, going solar, and protecting New Mexico’s natural beauties is what one of La Cueva’s newest clubs is all about. After 32 years, La Cueva has taken the next step in going green. Whether you’re a tree hugging hippie, big game hunter, vegan enthusiast, or even just wanting to leave your mark on this world, the Environmental Club has a spot for you.

Ben Dallas, senior president of Environmental club, said, “As an environmentalist, I believe partial reformative actions need to be made to society in order to protect our environment.” He continued, “It is also crucial for people to care about what is happening to the environment before anything can be done to truly protect it.”

Environmental club is all about transforming La Cueva into an eco-friendly school so that students can see how they are affecting the world around them. Even if you are just converting to solar power or making the switch to reusable water bottles, you are helping contribute to a greener and healthier world. Amy Baca, a sophomore member of the environmental club, took a drink from her glass water bottle and said, “We want you to make a change one plastic bottle at a time.”

“I consider myself an earthist,” said Lilah Schlessinger, sophomore vice president, in a text with a laughing emoji complementing it.  “I think that people have gotten so much from this planet and its animals that the very least we can do is try to protect what’s left of it.”

Music we can’t bear to live without

Cheyenne Trujillo | Journalism

Writer Cheyenne Trujillo embeds the titles of Top Ten most downloaded songs into a lively explanation about the effect of music on the brain.  Can you name the artist for each song title?

    There are a million reasons why we listen to music.  Content writer at  R.O.I Media and psychology graduate Malini Mohana makes it clear that music can form the shape of you and that music raises our level of awareness of experience.  Although I don’t wanna live forever, being mindful of present experiences can have lasting benefits.  Mohana explains how music is, “A tool for arousing emotions and feelings, music is far more powerful than language.”

    Let’s treat the body like a backroad  and see where the music ‘chills’ the brain.  According to  Dr. Victoria Williamson, the authority on the psychology of music,  music is processed by the brain and impacts on our minds and behaviors. Williamson explains that “Music stimulates the amygdala in a similar way to faces, smells and other sounds, most likely because all these stimuli are perceived as having social significance due to their communicative properties.”

Not only does peer pressure influences the way teens act, but listening to music influences the way teens make designs. Some designs that are made is a thought, “I am a Believer in that, I dig that.”  

       Not only does the amygdala deal with sound and social stimuli, Williams also explains that, “the nucleus accumbens (NA)… is known to activate by peak emotional experiences, known as chills or frisson, but it is also activated as soon as music is playing in the brain and seen as pleasurable.”  Music alone stimulates emotion, and when combined with experiences, can have powerful effects on motivation.

  “The NA is sensitive to primary rewards (food, sex), secondary rewards (money, power), so it represents hedonic value for people.  Which helps to initiate behaviors that aim to obtain more of these rewards for consumption.” Not only does the amygdala deal with what we want, for example food, sex, money, or power, it also deals with “Want…the I want behavior.” If you happen to be thinking about wanting to go to Paris, this thought is in the amygdala.    

So when you’re messing around, or whatever, and someone stops to take the time to judge you, answer them,  “Well I was born this way,” and I tend act out who I am no matter what.  Even if you are judged for just being who you are say that you won’t let go  of this moment and this time.  Someone questions your natural flaws (before they realize they are being a rude, self centered person) because they won’t let go of the fact that they are a poser. In this case be that one kid who breaks the moment to just LET IT GO.    

Also if you or someone is going through a bad time or bad things are happening to someone, or you just know that scars of all those bad things make you beautiful. All those differences that made it hard for you makes someone who they are.