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New Activities Director


(from left) Taysear Ali, student body president, Lacee Manus, activities director and DECA faculty, and Katelyn Stidworthy, student body 2nd VP, lead LCHS students and teachers in a US History trivia relay during the Fall Sports Assembly on September 11th. Under Manus’s leadership, the assembly paid tribute to first responders, celebrated USA spirit, and hosted a collection for Hurricane Harvey relief.

This year one of our DECA teachers at La Cueva, Lacee Manus, took on the job of activities director. But, why did she do it? What is she going to do differently for our school? And how are students liking this year’s activities in comparison to last year’s?

Many of us know Mrs. Manus as the person who runs the pizza window or the DECA snack bar at lunch, but now we also will know her as the person in charge of the school’s activities. Manus said she is, “…excited to work with La Cueva this year to help the students bring back school spirit and get our students more excited to be here.”

One of her goals is to reach out to everyone (different groups) at La Cueva and get everyone involved in school activities. She wants La Cueva students to be one unit rather than divided up into groups. Manus feels that so far they “are doing a great job at homecoming with different activities and bringing back the spirit.” She said she’s “super tired” from all the homecoming preparations, but knows she’s going to love being the new activities director.

As activities director, Manus is now in charge of all the school dances and the activities that go along with them. She is also responsible for community service projects and graduation. She hopes that for one of this year’s community service projects LCHS can work with a specific high school in the Houston area that has been affected by Hurricane Harvey to help get them through the year.

Now that we’ve heard Manus’ goals for La Cueva this year, what do the students think? Did this year’s back to school assembly include all the different groups of people at La Cueva? Did this past week (homecoming week) bring back the spirit we’ve all been hoping for?

Junior students Jacob Knighton and Taryn Roe both agree that Mrs. Manus is doing a great job. “I think she’s done an amazing job bringing back school spirit and making it not just about athletics, but all activities,” Knighton said. Roe agreed. “I think there definitely was a lot of school spirit this week and a lot of people have mentioned it to me. A lot of people were involved and the hype was awesome.”

We are all really excited about the new school year and are all looking forward to what Mrs. Manus has in store.


Amy Wray equips students for life

Isabella Barton | Editor

Teacher Appreciation week is dedicated to celebrating all the things our teachers do.  They work with us when we are getting overwhelmed, always there to educate and support our growth into an adult.

Mrs. Wray poses outside her classroom door.

Friends who know Mrs. Wray personally say that she is a teacher worth appreciating.  In conversations I’ve had with Wray, I’ve seen her be more than understanding.  She is willing to work with students who may not deserve her kindness simply because they took advantage of her. I’ve also seen how passionate she is about her students and her job. It’s very rare to see real passion in somebody’s eyes, and I’ve never seen anyone with such a drive to educate and help high school adolescents and people  in general.

“I love seeing who [students] are at the beginning of the year and watch how they progress over the year,” said Wray.  She has been teaching for 17 years, and currently teaches Bible Lit and Yoga here at La Cueva.

She wants students “to become good, really good, readers and writers, because that’s the content.”   More than this, her favorite part of teaching is watching students figure out who they are, what they want for their lives, and then start to plan and prepare for life outside of high school. “But more than that I want them to have confidence in who they are and know that they can go out and make a difference and that they’re already equipped with certain skills and passions that are going to help them in life.”

Mrs.Wray is a model for kindness and passion.  “I want them to know that I support them.”

Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Robinson


Mrs. Robinson poses with her trusty forensic tools.
Photo by Kaylin Carpenter

Teacher appreciation week is all about recognizing the teachers that go above and beyond for their students. For most teachers that means being flexible with late assignments and assigning less homework, but for Mrs. Robinson, it means hours outside of school to create real life learning experiences for her students.

Mrs. Robinson’s favorite class to teach is forensics. She said her favorite part is, “…the sparkle in a student’s eye when they solve a crime.” In the class, you learn almost everything you need to know to solve a crime. From collecting fingerprints to analyzing DNA, forensics students learn how to do it all, thanks to the time and effort put in by Mrs. Robinson.

Towards the end of the second semester every year, Mrs. Robinson conducts the crime project, notorious for being one of the most fun and intense projects in the school.

This year, the forensics class took a field trip to balloon fiesta park to watch a car hiding Michelle Casanova’s (fake) dead body burn. Mrs. Robinson got both the Bomb Squad and the Fire Department to come and make the crime project perfect. Not only this, but Robinson also asked many students and teachers to assist and make the crime seem as real as possible. Although it rained for most of the crime day, Mrs. Robinson stuck it out and made sure that all of the teams experienced the most accurate crime scene possible.

Mrs. Robinson is the perfect example of a teacher that puts countless hours outside of school to make sure her students are having the best experience possible. From creating crime scenes to appointing judges and witnesses, Mrs. Robinson is one of the best teachers here at La Cueva.

“It isn’t just about forensic science and evidence…it’s about problem-solving. It’s about reasoning through difficult issues and coming to a logical conclusion. “So this is a class that is going to help you for the rest of your life,” said Robinson.