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Blue and White Highlights


A simple reminder in La Cueva’s concourse that the school year is very close to being done. Photo by author.

Every year in high school is special. The memories shared between you and your friends and the truly unforgettable events. The 2016-2017 school year for La Cueva was filled with lows and highs. Counting football games, a student performance of The Little Mermaid, and state titles to represent the school has made this year all together unforgettable.  Not only will our graduating seniors find something memorable about their final days, but each student has a special memory from this year.  With the highs also come lows.

La Cueva’s swim team, stationed to take the state title, fell short to Academy.  Also, volleyball’s reigning champs of  La Cueva could not maintain their seat on the throne.

On a lighter note La Cueva’s  Main Street and Fifth Ave. were able to rise to the occasion and sing their way to the top. Senior athlete Josh Woisin left his high school football and wrestling career with big shoes to fill. He is a New Mexico state wrestling champ and a committed  UNM Lobo for football.

For the drama club they will be missing one of their most dynamic actresses Clair Lambert. She has made quite the impression with the thespian club.

La Cueva Softball was recently ranked as 13th in the nation and La Cueva baseball was ranked 41st in the nation. Both sports had an amazing season that they hope to continue with a state title.

La Cueva was fortunate enough to have a little pop of art around the school with the tape murals created by students. Homecoming’s vibrant decorations with an “Around the World” theme was a wonderful foreshadowing for the UNESCO International Night. Cultures immersed in one another makes for a dazzling night.

DECA had the opportunity to participate in a national convention in Anaheim,Ca. They represented La Cueva well. Through academics and athletics La Cueva had a successful year.

Many students look forward to next year for different reasons. Juniors are excited for their last year. And freshmen are excited to start driving. But for seniors after May 17th they start their full adult lives. They get the joys of being in the real world and experiencing bigger and better things beyond high school. Some will continue on to college and others will start working. Either way it is a rude awaking into the real world.

This can be a scary thought to some seniors. Others have their path set and can’t wait to end the year. Ready or not the end of the year is closing in for all students. And 2016-2017 will be in our minds and memories for years to come.



by Kelly Collins | Staff Writer

Why have HocoPosals and PromPosals become such a big deal? Homecoming comes around once a year, and every grade is allowed to go.

Homecoming is the biggest dance of the year for freshman and sophomores, and getting dressed up with friends is normal. Having a date is such a big part of the dance for many people, and the way people are asked has become bigger and more important. A senior at La Cueva, Chloe Ponsardin said, “People are afraid to be alone.”

Perhaps society plays a role. We all want the Instagram worthy moment that comes with all the likes. “I would say because society is trying to make all things where a guy asks a girl to do something is a huge deal, as in married,” said Madison Gutierrez, junior at La Cueva. “People ask people to homecoming the way someone should propose, and now weddings aren’t as special. I think it’s society making girl-boy events a big deal.”

Does an elaborate dance proposal change how you feel about marriage? Take the poll at the end of this article.

Does reality live up to the hype? Cheyenne Trujillo, freshman, said, “People who proposed were there together and it was adorable.” But many students, especially freshmen, prefer to go to the dance with friends. Trujillo said, “I just asked a guy if he wanted to go with me, and we just hung out.”

HocoProposals aren’t bound to one specific gender, and seem to be over the top for a dance everyone can attend. Most couples end up migrating into groups with their friends throughout the dance anyway, and the magic of the proposal is lost. So what really is the point of HocoProposals? Maybe we will never know.

But next year, save your money for a nicer dinner.

Those Graduation Blues


Many emotions filled Tingley Colosseum this Wednesday as the La Cueva class of 2016 graduated. The graduates were relieved, the teachers and families were proud, and the friends were sad to see their friends go.

“It was so surreal, and it was hard to believe high school was over for me,” said Marquis Penny. He said he reflected on all of his experiences in high school and felt proud, but sad to leave La Cueva behind. Many other seniors felt this way. In high school, you change, meet new people, and learn a lot of things about everything (including yourself), so it can be emotional to move on and enter the next part of your life.

The seniors are both eager and nervous to begin the next chapter in their life. College is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Graduate, Jeremy Winter is ready for this challenge. “I’m both excited and nervous, because I don’t really know what to expect.”  Winter plans on going to UNM to become a sports physician. He said, “I’d really like to help athletes get back to their sports as fast as possible.”

It can be hard to watch the seniors leave, especially if you’re close with them. Junior, Jason Vega, was very glum to see all of his older friends leave. He said, “It sucks because those are most of my friends, but I’m glad to watch them move forward.”

For the class of 2016, there’s no doubting their ability to accomplish great things and face the challenges that college upholds.