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Florida for my birthday

I want to tell you about my trip to Florida. We went there for my birthday! My family hopped on the plane to Florida and then we drove to my cousin’s house. The next day we drove to my sister Shelby’s apartment. She was going to Disney World with us.

Once we got to the Magic Kingdom, it was incredible and fun! We went on all the rides. My favorite ride was the Tower of Terror. Shelby went on all the rides with me. We also saw the awesome parade and then later that night we saw the fireworks. There were A LOT of Disney characters at the park. I got all their autographs.

Another day we went to Epcot Center. My aunt and cousins met us there to celebrate my birthday. My favorite thing to do at Epcot was the Rock and Roller Coaster. We also went to the Animal Kingdom. We saw alot of shows like The Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo. There was good music, sweet costumes, and pretty lights.

Next we went to Universal Studios. We went on more rides and saw more characters. I am very happy! I am having a good time.

Finally we went on a Disney Cruise to celebrate my birthday. We saw shows and I went to a pirate party. I really enjoyed the pirates. They pretended to be mean. ..Arrgh! The ocean was all around me and it was pretty cool.

After the cruise it was time to head home. I got on the plane and I was still excited! I was thinking about everything that I did.


Summer work

by Noah Tatz

I want to talk about working at Loma Linda this summer. It is a community center for big kids. I will be a counselor in training.

I get to Loma Linda in the morning and I help out. The first thing we do is computer lab. I like listening to Disney songs on Youtube. The next thing we do is go outside. The kids like to play on the swings, the slide, and they like to play kickball. I watch the kids and always play with them. Then we do arts and crafts. We do things like coloring and making stuff.

At lunchtime the staff gives us lunch. My favorite things to eat are PB-J, cheese sticks, milk, and carrots.

When we are inside the community center, I like to play Uno and shoot pool. I get excited when I play Uno. Sometimes we go on field trips. We go in the van to the movies, swimming pool, and the zoo. My most favorite thing to do is the movies. I like the cartoon movies the best. I also eat popcorn. It tastes delicious.

I have a lot of friends at Loma Linda. My friends are nice. Their names are Moses, Will, Zane, and Haley. We play on the computer and we also play dodgeball.

At the end of the day I help the little kids get ready to go. We clean up and I help them get their backpacks ready. After the kids leave I get ready to go. I am happy to go home because I am tired.

Working at Loma Linda is fun!

I love my dog

by Noah Tatz

My dog Jellybean is a white lab golden retriever. Jellybean loves to go in her kennel. My dad and mom take care of Jellybean. She always loves to come to La Cueva on Saturdays. I love my dog Jellybean. My mom takes Jellybean to the tram. I see her after school. Jellybean loves to come in my room. When I am at home Jellybean loves to hang out with me and my sister Lesly. Jellybean loves to eat dog food and loves drinking water.