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A New Place for a New Face


Walking down the halls of La Cueva, new faces always seem to pop up every year. But how did they get here, and what do they think about their new school? It turns out that no matter if you’re an incoming freshman or just a junior coming to a new school, it’s a big change. There are a lot of new staff and students that you have to get used to.

Ethan Johnson sitting at his desk in German 5th period.

Ethan Johnson is a junior and a new student, who just came from an international school in Vienna, Austria. Before he went to Austria, he attended Sandia Prep, here in Albuquerque. “The students here are more outgoing and the main differences are size, academics, and the social aspect,” says Johnson.

There are also many incoming freshmen who are making the transition from middle school to high school. Darby Jaramillo is one of those incoming freshmen here at La Cueva, and she thinks high school is much different from Eisenhower Middle School, where she attended previously.  “I’m really enjoying it, especially choir. It’s pretty different. A lot of my friends went to a different high school so I had to adjust to that.”   


Hardships of High School

Photos by Citlali Tierney

What’s your hardest class?


“English is my hardest class — so much homework.”







“My hardest class is Honors Geometry. Not that it’s hard, just that it’s the hardest out of the rest.”


“I don’t know. Probably Geometry…”








“Hardest has got to be French II, just because all my classes are too easy.”








What’s the hardest part of taking a test?


“Reading the questions.”








“Just sitting there for so long.”


“The stress of remembering things.”







What have you left unaccomplished this year?

Desiree Sanchez | Features

“I didn’t win state soccer.” chris2

“I don’t do my homework sometimes, so that wasn’t accomplished.”

Rylee G.png

“I left my dreams unaccomplished…”