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La Cueva Student Life in Quarantine

About Us

The Edition Newspaper was founded in September of 1986 and has served as the official newspaper of La Cueva High School and the greater La Cueva Community. The Edition Online was founded in December of 2012 to keep up with the changing world of journalism and news, but also to give a much more accessible way for our community to get updates about everything that goes on in our school.

The Edition Staff for 2019-2020

Sima Lucero (2023) “I love interacting with people and being curious about the things around me. Journalism allows me to interview people and express my interest to our community. I’ve been an athlete since I was very young and love being involved in teams and our journalism group is like our own little team.”

Lauren Nelson (2023), Instagram Account Co-manager  “I chose to take journalism because I thought it would be fun to write stories, interview people, and take pictures. I enjoy telling the untold stories of La Cueva.”

Jordan Muirhead (2023), Instagram Account Co-manager ” I love reading articles that other journalists have written. Being in journalism has been very interesting and exciting. I couldn’t have gotten this experience doing anything else.”

Aiden Chaplin (2023) “My whole life I have been heavily involved in the sports world. One of the jobs I admire the most is the sports journalist, so I decided to take journalism because I could start to write about sports.”


Paloma Hernandez (2023) “Growing up I’ve always been taught young. For instance, I learned multiplication tables when I was four, which honestly wasn’t my choice. I’ve enjoyed writing, and English is one of my favorite subjects, so I decided to take the journalism class. Aside from all the school related studies, I love to play volleyball and play around with photography.”

Aysu Acar (2020) “An exchange student from Norway, I joined journalism class to learn more about this extremely influential factor in media. In my spare time I’m busy doing homework, dancing, or spending time with family and friends.”

Erin Hester (2023) “I play softball, do color guard, and I am in the journalism class to become a better writer and inform people about what is going on at our school.”

Jack Glover (2023) “I play hockey for fun and like working out every day. Dogs are better than cats.”

Lalah Gomez (2023) “I took journalism because I registered late. I like sports and Vans. I have dogs and four siblings. Register on time.”

Catalina Estrada (2023) “I took journalism class because I thought it would be fun and cool. I like to play soccer and watch football and basketball. I have two younger brothers and two dogs.”


Jacob Flores (2022) “I took journalism because I thought it would be fun and it was something different from what I would usually take. So far it has been fun and I’m glad I took it.”


Jenna Jones (2023) “I am in color guard and girl scouts. I took journalism because I though it would be fun and to become a better writer.”

Jackson Meng (2023) “I decided to take journalism because Austin Denton (2019) convinced me and told me how great of a program it is. I enjoy baseball, women, and sleeping.”


Kasey Crawford (2023) ” I am an athlete, student, and a clown. I am the humor guy of the journalism workplace. I play baseball and just like to chill. I enjoy writing about sports and cool topics.”

Joseph Baca (2022) “I’m that kid who sits in the back of the class that you don’t talk to, the kid you can never remember their name. That’s me! You may know me by the other names I’ve been given:  Russell, Josh, and Jonah.”

Erica Lovato (2023) ” I am quite different. I like art, skateboarding, and traveling. In my free time I practice photography or go skateboarding. I like to try new things, whether it’s food or a new style of clothing. In my future I want to travel the world and learn new cultures.”


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