Photo: Mary Todd
La Cueva bold letters represent our school. Photo: Mary Todd


Our colors are Navy and silver, and we should be proud of it. We should show our school spirit. We are the bears of La Cueva high, and that’s the best thing ever.  We have a fight song that explains that we are fighting to be the best, that we strive to be better than any other high school in the state of New Mexico.

Every Friday is school spirit day. Crazy that most people don’t know about it, but it is. Not just for when it’s football season or any other school sporting event. It has always been navy and silver day. It’s the day where we should be proud to be bears, and proud to show our colors.

La Cueva students show their school pride whenever they want to, really, but we also should have a day where every student, upperclassmen, and underclassmen should all wear our colors to show that we are one team, one school.

If you don’t have your bear wear, go to the school store, right in C-hall. They’re open every day at lunch. It’s our own bear wear store. Jackets, shirts, pants, and many more. Yeah,  you may have to spend a few dollars, but there’s no shame in buying La Cueva gear. It’s also available at Target and Walgreens on Paseo. We La Cueva bears have to show our pride somehow.