Pro BMX rider flips over football head coach Brandon Back. Photo by S. Schripsema

That’s one way to start off the school year.

Monday morning at La Cueva, students walked into the gymnasium not knowing what the school had up their sleeves for the first day of school assembly. And they walked into ramps, loud music, and BMX bikers getting ready to put on a show.

BMX riders from the team “Bring Your A Game,” sponsored by the Army National Guard, performed various stunts in the gymnasium, including jumping over four students and a biker.  One of their final stunts was a backflip off the big ramp over football head coach Brandon Back, who casually sat on a lawn chair filming the experience happening right in front of him.

Some students weighed in on what they thought about the assembly, and the feedback was positive. “I thought it was pretty cool,” junior Jacob Romero said. “It made the assembly more exciting.”

Sophomore Noah Woisin agreed. “I thought it was really cool,” he said. “We should do stuff like that more often.”

Principal Dana Lee spoke to The Edition, saying this show was in the works since March. “There was no cost to La Cueva for the show and it encourages the right message of ‘Bring Your A Game’ to everything our students attempt.”

The Fall Assembly is scheduled for September 11, 2017.