Mrs. Robinson poses with her trusty forensic tools.
Photo by Kaylin Carpenter

Teacher appreciation week is all about recognizing the teachers that go above and beyond for their students. For most teachers that means being flexible with late assignments and assigning less homework, but for Mrs. Robinson, it means hours outside of school to create real life learning experiences for her students.

Mrs. Robinson’s favorite class to teach is forensics. She said her favorite part is, “…the sparkle in a student’s eye when they solve a crime.” In the class, you learn almost everything you need to know to solve a crime. From collecting fingerprints to analyzing DNA, forensics students learn how to do it all, thanks to the time and effort put in by Mrs. Robinson.

Towards the end of the second semester every year, Mrs. Robinson conducts the crime project, notorious for being one of the most fun and intense projects in the school.

This year, the forensics class took a field trip to balloon fiesta park to watch a car hiding Michelle Casanova’s (fake) dead body burn. Mrs. Robinson got both the Bomb Squad and the Fire Department to come and make the crime project perfect. Not only this, but Robinson also asked many students and teachers to assist and make the crime seem as real as possible. Although it rained for most of the crime day, Mrs. Robinson stuck it out and made sure that all of the teams experienced the most accurate crime scene possible.

Mrs. Robinson is the perfect example of a teacher that puts countless hours outside of school to make sure her students are having the best experience possible. From creating crime scenes to appointing judges and witnesses, Mrs. Robinson is one of the best teachers here at La Cueva.

“It isn’t just about forensic science and evidence…it’s about problem-solving. It’s about reasoning through difficult issues and coming to a logical conclusion. “So this is a class that is going to help you for the rest of your life,” said Robinson.