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Science teacher Mr. Stewart


Katie Poindexter | Journalism

Also an experienced EMT, Mr. Stewart knows how to resuscitate people as well as breathe life into his science curricula. Photo by author.

Mr. Stewart, science teacher at La Cueva High School, has been helpful through his time here with teaching kids skills and knowledge in chemistry, biology, astronomy,etc. His experience in the outside world has made him the teacher he is today. Mr. Stewart has been in the army, air force, has worked in a cemetery doing grounds work, has worked in a funeral home, has been an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and then finally a substitute teacher. Stewart says the army and these jobs, “Helped shape my work ethic, ideals and values,” making him a teacher that works hard to teach his students the material they need to help them through life.

Stewart started college at CNM, but then transferred to UNM. He has a degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. Through doing AVID programs at APS, tutoring middle school students, he found a liking for teaching and decided to become a teacher.

Now, Mr. Stewart keeps his class fun and interactive.  “I like seeing students progress over the  year,” he said. Stewart shows that he does care about the students learning and their comprehension. Stewart makes his classroom a community and says he wants students to feel comfortable if they answer a question incorrectly, though he does get fatigued when they ask questions he’s already answered.  Stewart has tried to make himself available for his students by allowing them to make up tests and quizzes and dropping in occasionally on Monday and Tuesday tutoring. Stewart’s teaching seems to be effective with his students. Austin Denton, one of Mr. Stewart’s students said, “He has a fun style of teaching. He makes sure he explains things in detail. I like him. He likes to have roast battles.”

Mr. Stewart has created an online component to chemistry this year as well. Though he has outlawed food and drinks in his class, he still keeps his class organized and makes it a good environment for students to learn in.


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