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Ryan’s Room



Mr. Ryan teaches his 4th period Algebra I class. Photo by author.

Outgoing, fun, and mathematical. These three adjectives describe Mr. David Ryan, geometry and Algebra I teacher at La Cueva High School. But who is Mr. Ryan exactly, and how did he get here in Albuquerque?

Mr. Ryan joined La Cueva towards the beginning of September after the original geometry teacher, who started off the year, had to resign. “I was keeping an eye out for all high school math positions on various district, charter school, private school, and professional sites,” Ryan said. After the job popped up on the APS website, he packed his bags and flew into Albuquerque from Spokane, Washington. “I took the job because I love geometry and was told that La Cueva was the best school in Albuquerque,” he said.

Ryan mentioned how he loves to teach geometry and hopes to expand to teaching Pre-Calc/Trigonometry. “…those are the areas that I have the most fun ideas for,” he said.

In class, Mr. Ryan makes sure all of his students understand the concept that is being taught by having students collaborate on the work being done in class. “I try to show multiple strategies to make sure all students can connect to a strategy that makes sense to him or her,” Ryan said. “I also use discovery learning strategies, group and partner work, to allow students to look at mathematical situations from their own perspective…”

It has shown that his strategies work within the class. As sophomore geometry student Dru Martinez said, he is helpful to all. “He has made geometry much easier for many of us but still covers everything we need to know,” she said. “He makes sure we all understand and is always available if we need him.” This is quite true as Ryan is always in his room during lunch periods, and allows students to make up quizzes and tests at their convenience if they did not do well on the original test.

So if you ever see Mr. Ryan around in the hallways, be sure to thank him for making an impact on the La Cueva community, and ask him if you ever need help with your math homework.







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