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Mrs. Soto: Her dedication to life and LCHS


Kelly Collins | Staff writer

Mrs. Soto in her classroom.

Mrs. Soto is one of La Cueva’s hardest working teachers. She works with junior and seniors every day along with balancing her life with her two small kids and husband outside of school. Mrs. Soto teaches English language arts, American History and AP Language and Composition. She doesn’t have to dedicate her life to helping students learn and succeed in life, but she chooses to.

Mrs. Soto has a Ph.D. in language arts, and doesn’t brag about it. She says she chooses to be a high school teacher because, “My job is never boring. It’s so fun and I love my topic, but I really love my students. I love interacting with kids all day long.” Mrs. Soto is good friends with most of her students, joking with them and laughing with them in between essays and class conversations.

As for choosing the grade level to teach, “I really love teaching 11th and 12th because they’re at such an interesting age. They think at a really high level and it’s really rewarding to see how they think and what they think.” Mrs. Soto always smiles when a student comes into her room and makes her class a welcoming environment with open ideas and debates so every opinion can be expressed.

She balances her life with her two kids Isaac (7) and Norah (2) by getting help from the JCC daycare. “It’s hard working with my students and my kids at the same time.” She explains her morning schedule. “Me and my husband have a really busy schedule. At 6:50 I have to leave and take them to school. I definitely don’t get as much sleep as I should.” Mrs. Soto is one of La Cueva’s newest teachers, but also one of the hardest working and already one of the best.


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