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Mr. Sanchez Appreciation



Smiling in anticipation of summer vacation? Or, is it because learning makes Mr. Sanchez a happy person! Photo by Desiree Sanchez.

Mr. Sanchez is an English teacher at La Cueva High School and has taught for 12 years now. He is a great teacher and tries to incorporate humor into his class to get students interested and keep them involved. I am currently in his AP English 11 class and have learned a lot from him (not only about English).

Mr. Sanchez said, “I hope that [my students] get an appreciation for literature… but I also hope that they get that there are more important things too. I was not a particularly great student, I like school, I value school, but that there’s things other than school that they can get.”

Mr. Sanchez favorite part of teaching? “Summer vacation… That’s my joke answer. My real answer is seeing kids learn all the time and learning myself too. I learn way more from the students than they learn from me.”

Mr. Sanchez is one of my favorite teachers.  He has taught me a lot that is school related, but the biggest thing I learned was that your grades do not define you. I used to stress about my grades a lot, and I still do strive to have good grades, but Mr. Sanchez taught me that getting a not-so-good grade isn’t the end of the world.


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