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Making History Great Again: Mrs. Jenkins



Civic engagement is one of many strengths Ms. Jenkins brings to AP U.S. History.

Mrs. Jenkins, a history teacher at La Cueva High School, pushes her students to succeed. In her World History and AP United States History classes, her students strive to achieve and do well throughout the course. She incorporates lots of humor and references into her lessons to make them fun and easy for students to learn. She also wants her students to succeed and offers lots of ways to help students along during the year.

Jenkins is always available to help students almost all the time during the school day and after school.  Through her hard work and teaching, she prepares her students for college and for the rest of their lives. Also, she is very attentive in everything that goes on in her classes, making it a safe and fun environment to learn in.

She tries to be very active in all other outside school activities attending sporting events, concerts, and most other activities that La Cueva offers making her very active in the community. La Cueva is lucky to have such a dedicated teacher who is so active both in class and at school.

Today we want to give back and honor teachers this week, as they do so much, but are not always as appreciated as they should be. They do incredible amounts of work and make La Cueva the great school that it is. La Cueva would not be where it is without its students, but more importantly, their amazing teachers.


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