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Justin Duggins: siempre una sonrisa


Michael Kamieniecki | Journalism

Helping students with a smile, Mr. Duggins makes Spanish class a great place to learn.

Mr. Duggins is a special person here at La Cueva High School. Right now, he is a Spanish teacher for all grade levels. He is known around the school most for his sense of humor and creativity in the classroom. He has key attributes in his personality that makes him stand out compared to average teachers. For example, he can put a smile on anyone’s face whenever he wants. Also, in class he is dedicated to making sure every student has a firm understanding over the topic he is covering. Mr. Duggins does not let anyone fall behind due to this mentality of his.

Mr. Duggins attended La Cueva as well as teaching here! This shows how much he respects the La Cueva community. He shows appreciation to this school like it is his own house. Mr. Duggins also respects every staff member and student like they are his own family. In his eyes, we are his family! When people see Mr. Duggins walking around in the hall, he is always giving greetings to people whether he knows them or not. Also, people can count on seeing his joyful smile. He said, “It is cool coming back to my own school.” La Cueva is a home to Mr.Duggins.

After Mr.Duggins graduated from La Cueva, he attended University of New Mexico. “I have my degree in Spanish, Business, and Philosophy,” showing that Spanish is not Mr.Duggins life, and he has other interests that other may not be aware of. This also shows that Mr.Duggins has got a very well rounded education. These are the kinds of teachers that students should be grateful having. Teachers that students can trust and know they are being educated to the fullest.

Before Mr.Duggins was a teacher here at La Cueva, he was a campus security officer for two years. This gave him a different opportunity here at La Cueva. He got to make sure everyone was doing what they should be doing. Soon after this, Mr.Duggins knew he wanted to stay here at La Cueva and then decided to be a teacher. Mr.Duggins has done some more things for La Cueva in the past as well!  He has been “the gym master here and also the field master.” He has done so much for this school besides just teaching.

Mr.Duggins classroom even gives off a happy vibe to students. He said that he “loves the chance to make my own thing in my classroom.” And he has clearly done that. Mr.Duggins lives his life with a smile on his face. But that is not all he does. He wants everyone to live with a smile on their face just like him. He tries his absolute hardest to make every student a little more happy than they were before they saw him. For this reason, Mr.Duggins has to be my favorite teacher at La Cueva High.


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