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John Bryant: yearbook and other things


Natalie Sokolowska | Journalism

Book your year with Mr. Bryant!

Mr. Bryant is a La Cueva’s teacher who’s been working here for ten years now. He teaches yearbook, desktop publishing, business communication and next year he’s going to teach the new class called digital film production.

He attended several different colleges, but graduated from the College of Santa Fe with both a bachelors and a masters. But his degrees aren’t the reason why he’s distinguished as one of the best La Cueva teachers. “I think he is a really good teacher because he keeps his things organized and teaches just what we need to know and gives us enough time to work on projects,” said Aayushi Patel, a sophomore who is in Mr. Bryant’s desktop publishing class.  “I would also say that he is a good person and has a good personality because he doesn’t only try to teach you about the class, but also to help you with other things and the projects that we are supposed to do ourselves,” she continued.

His classes depend on computers and thinking, which would force most of the people to exclude the thought of him being funny and talkative. But it’s not really true. There are many students who spend their lunches in Mr. Bryant’s G-2 class just to talk and sometimes argue with him. He also allows people to use computers during the breaks if someone needs too, which helps a lot of people who don’t have access to the internet or some programs at home. “Arguing with him is really fun. He also listens if there are any troubles going on at the school and shares his stories,” said Kassandra Gregos, a freshman who’s in one of Mr. Bryant’s classes.

Outside of school, this yearbook teacher tries to travel as much as he can, work in his house, and spend time with his thirteen-year-old son. “This summer I have some projects to work on around my house. I have a family reunion in June, and in July we have yearbook camp. I’m going to take my awesome editors, too. We’re going to Colorado.”  


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