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Be a Freeman



Mr. Freeman sitting at his desk.

Not all teachers are the same. Some like dogs and some like to watch basketball. But this one teacher just likes being bald.

Lansing Freeman is a history and government teacher here at La Cueva. He is really good at teaching, and with his teaching it is easy to learn from him because he makes connections and jokes about the subjects we talk about. If you ever have Mr. Freeman be prepared because every day when you step into his classroom he will say the words, “Get something with which and something upon which.”

He is really funny and he loves showing the class videos on YouTube of cats getting scared. He is outgoing and a little broken because he has to get a new hip in a couple of years. He will listen to you if you want to talk about something and he will help you with anything. He is caring and loves to teach kids. But he loves soccer more. He likes to show videos when learning about subjects and it really helps. But he also just likes to show cool soccer videos, too. Obviously he likes soccer.

He is very athletic. He moved here from Washington D.C. so he could go hiking in the mountains. He’s been to so many cool places and he shows his students the pictures of where he has been. Mr. Freeman hasn’t been teaching at La Cueva for long, but the time he has been here, he has made a huge impact on students’ lives. Thank you Mr. Freeman for being a great teacher and a great role model!


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