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Music program assembly underscores student interest


Kaitlyn Weddle | Journalism

Main Street show choir performs at the Winter Music Assembly. Photo by S. Schripsema.

La Cueva High school, established in 1986, has finally had their first music assembly.  We’ve had assemblies for every sport that La Cueva participates in, and we’ve had assemblies for many of the elective classes, but never before February 22, 2017 has the music program had an assembly.  

Most people who I have spoken with think it was a hit, not only the staff, but the students as well.  The students who participated in the assembly, 240 students in all, have conveyed that they enjoyed the experience.  And the audience? Freshman Marissa Padilla, who watched from the stands, said, “This is the best assembly yet!”

But why has it taken 31 years for this to take place?  Should we expect more of these assemblies in the future?  Does the music program take a back-seat to other sports programs or electives here at La Cueva?

From my experience in attending this assembly, the crowds were going crazy and seemed to love every minute of it.  I heard chatter in the hallways and in every common area possible that this event was a success and they want more.  

I had the opportunity to speak to Ms. Arnett, the school’s activities director.  She said, “I had thought about it before, but didn’t think it’d be feasible. I brought it up in a staff meeting, and they had been very supportive of the idea, so we went ahead and did it. I think it was a huge success and that we should expect more in the future.”  

I also interviewed 9th grade Main Street Choir member Cole Mortensen, who participated in the assembly.  He emphatically said, “It was a really cool experience and can’t wait for the next one.”

Hopefully La Cueva will pursue more of these events and begin to recognize that the arts deserve just as much attention as some of our sports programs and other electives.  Take it from this simple journalism student, if we want to see students get more motivated and enthusiastic about the classes they are taking, sometimes we need to showcase these classes to the whole school.


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