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Prepare for PARCC Testing



LCHS is scheduled to finish nearly all of PARCC testing within two weeks. Over 180 computers in the library and nine additional computer labs assure timely access to online testing with minimal disruption to classroom instruction. During testing weeks, the library will be closed for instruction and checking out books. National Library Week, 2017, is April 9-15. Photo by S. Schripsema.

This time of year is test heavy, as we all know.  April 10th through the 24th students in grades 9 though 11 will take the PARCC test, including four subtests in English Language Arts and an entire day of subtests in Math.  End of course exams start the week of the 24th, also.  Although this amount of standardized testing can feel overwhelming, according to there are some ways to help you prepare for taking a test.

  1. Space out your studying. Don’t study everything in one night.
  2. Stay positive.
  3. Get a good nights sleep the night before.
  4. Be early.
  5. Exercise for a few days before to reduce stress.

You don’t want to go into the test stressed out, so following these steps will help ease your nerves. Make sure to be confident and don’t worry too much about the test. Make sure you are prepared for PARCC testing in April!


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