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It’s Mediocre Time!


Citlali Tierney | Staff Writer

Sleekly armored and politically correct for 2017, Saban’s Power Rangers reboot answers questions nobody was asking. Photo courtesy of Saban’s Power Rangers website.

It’s been more than twenty years since the last time Power Rangers hit the box office. The 2017 reboot has everything the 1990’s series had: corny one-liners, a motley group of heroes, and awesome armor every kid wishes they had.

And yet, the plot just drags on. Though it does give our Rangers some character development, generic origin stories, it adds no more character. The first thing that comes to mind is that at least they tried to give them some personality. The Generation Z –ness of the whole thing gets really in-your-face with the introduction of a lesbian Latina for a yellow power ranger and an autistic black kid for the blue. There’s also the entire concept of modernizing the franchise…also very apparent from the start.  It’s very 2017, if that makes sense.

The plot is sluggish. The Rangers spend half the movie trying to figure out how to morph.  Eliminates the grandeur of “It’s morphin’ time!” when “morphin’ time!” doesn’t arrive until you’re an hour in.  And it’s underwhelming when it does happen because the basic gist of morphing is getting their crass mass of armor on.

The boss battle for the Power Rangers, which is likely where most of the $100 million budget went, is against Rita Repulsa, the lowering, maculate dominatrix super villain, played by Elizabeth Banks. She has a disturbing obsession with gold; she eats it, makes her cool crystalline staff out of it, has weird chunks of it smashed into her face at uneven intervals. Her malicious motivation is the Zeo Crystal which would give her the power to destroy the Earth. Where could this ungodly, stupefying object be hidden? It’s buried deep beneath a Krispy Kreme, in Angel’s Grove, California, the hometown of the Power Rangers. Convenient.

Even if this movie is just piggybacking on the rise of superhero movies as of recent, the special effects are still awe-striking. Other than that, nothing extraordinary or fantastic.

Now showing at various times and locations in local theaters.  Rated PG-13.


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