La Cueva students will begin taking the PARCC the week after next for English and math over the course of two weeks. Each grade will have a day for the English exam and a day for math testing. Seniors do not have to take this test, but for the rest of the student body, one of the most dreaded events are coming.

Met with tremendous controversy since its adoption by APS during the 2014-2015 school year, the PARCC still continues to be widely disapproved by many students and teachers.

The main reason for this anger towards the test is the amount of time it takes, which takes time away from more important classroom instruction. Over the three years students have been taking the PARCC, the testing window has shrunk from two months down to two weeks.

Another reason for the anger towards the PARCC is the fact that every student takes the same test although many students learn and test differently. This had lead to the test being very difficult for some, and also very easy for others.

Many have also noted that we spend a huge amount of money on standardized testing, and that the money used could be much better spent elsewhere as APS faces a huge budget crisis currently.

The final reason for this is that many feel that the test does really not count for anything, nor does it really benefit the student in the slightest way, which is why many see it as a distraction and a time waster.

Although the PARCC is a very contentious test, almost all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will take the test in the weeks to come. Some helpful tips to ensure the passing of the test are to make sure that you get a good night of sleep before you take the test, eat a good breakfast, make sure that you review your concepts that may be on the test, drink lots of water, and come prepared.

Through these steps you can guarantee your success and ability to pass our least favorite test, the PARCC.