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It’s a cell phone, not a breathing apparatus


Makenna Cook | Journalism

What? There’s an app to fact check that. Photo courtesy of YouTube.

Every day the most important factor in a teen’s day is their phones, we wake up to our phones and fall asleep to our phones. Our phones never leave us and many students even call their phones their “babies.” Phones are technology and everyday many teens overuse that technology to a point of addiction.

In my opinion teens go too far, phones are just phones. Yes, they can help with navigation, communication, and many other things, but at the end of the day they are phones and teens who use them too much can really overdo it. According to Paul Malcore of Rawhide, “Teens check their phones 74 times a day (every 19 minutes). All I know is that if I did that, I would get a headache every 10 minutes. Checking our phones in high school these days is a normal occurrence, phones are there for many reasons, but to be addicted is to be obsessed, which can lead to actual problems.

Malcore also writes that phone addictions can affect you physically. He states, “1 in 5 teens check their smartphones in the middle of the night.” I don’t get why anyone would do that in the middle of the night, but when asking 10 random La Cueva students, two students said they did check their phone in the middle of the night. He also says that phone addiction can lead to nomophobia, which is the fear of being away from a mobile device.

La Cueva freshman Analiya Jaimes, who looks at her phone constantly, said, “My phone is practically my life, honestly. If I’m not on it, I feel like I have nothing to do.” She goes on to say that she does look at her phone in the middle of the night and is addicted. This is case for many students at La Cueva.

The amount of time most Students at La Cueva spend on their phone is outrageous, but with everything you can do on your phone, who can blame them. Students need to realize that phones are just phones, not something that you can use for everything.


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