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Is Bears Rugby Making a Come Back?


Isabella Barton|Editor

La Cueva boys getting pumped up before a game. Photo by Isabella Barton.

Although not many people understand the confusing sport of rugby, what a tri is, how much a try is worth, or what a maul is. The La Cueva Bears are determined to blow this season out of the water after a devastating loss in the state finals last year against Rio Rancho High School where the boys lost 17-22 on what they believe to be a bad last call in the final minute.

La Cueva Rugby captain Ty Jordan said, “To be honest I was scared for us in the pre season. We lost a lot of really good players last year due to all of them being seniors. We only have six returning starters from last year. But now that we are in session and how we are looking, I do believe we will make a come back to win state this year in New Mexico Rugby. We are a young team, but that means nothing.”

The Bears season has started off strong beating Rio Rancho 42-16 in the first season game and beating Saint Pius 41-0. The team is confidant in the rest of their upcoming season. Jordan said, “My goal for this team is to win state one way or another, and we will do whatever it takes as a team to take that title home for La Cueva.”


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