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Flying Star restaurant is magical!


Sarah Klein | Journalism

With numerous locations across town, there’s a delicious coffee, heavenly pastry, or unique entree waiting for you at Flying Star. Many ingredients are locally sourced, freshly prepared. Photo courtesy of Flying Star Cafe.

Welcomed by an aroma of baked goods and strong coffee you are called to the magical glass case full cakes,cookies, brownies, and tarts. Chatter echoes throughout the brightly colored walls, while coffeehouse tunes mask any silence. The atmosphere is peaceful enough for a place to catch-up with your friends, study for finals, work your laptop, or even just read a book by the fireplace. All while enjoying a nice iced java or steamy organic chai latte.

Flying Star has an array of mouthwatering cuisine, from breakfast-all-day to fresh salads. So whether you have nagging sweet tooth or cheesy craving or even a desire for a lite salad, Flying Star should definitely cross your mind. Most people tend to enjoy their daily special soups, gooey mac-n-cheese, juicy cheeseburgers, and anything in that infamous glass case that is a temptation to all. You can pair any of their heavenly dishes with a strong coffee/tea or a luscious “red stuff” to drink. Anticipating the food’s arrival can feel like ages, but once it arrives. It’ll be worth the wait.

Flying Star is out of this universe, and their food will you make your taste buds shoot for the stars.


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