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Electrical tape murals give off a cool vibe


Starla Osterholt | Journalism

La Cueva art and drawing program led by Carrie Mccoy has started their spectacular line drawing mural project with electrical tape. They usually do it two weeks before spring break. For preparation they get a couple of days, but it does take a while. “The big prep will happen in a long period and a short period,” said McCoy. Meaning that, in reality, prep time is short. After the students draw up their plans, they have to show Mccoy, and she has to show administration to make sure they are acceptable to be put up around school.

Yubi Kim making his line drawing. Kim plans to study art at the University of New Mexico after graduation. Photo by staff.

Senior art student Yubi Kim said he chose his image from a group of sketches he’d previously drawn.  His girl with umbrella, sitting beneath a tree will soon occupy the B-hall entrance from the main concourse.  Along with numerous, other images of exotic females, including one with enormous wings being created by senior Manal Kahala and her group.  “I wanted to have a girl, but she couldn’t just be standing there,” said Kahala.  “These big wings were just…cool.”

According to McCoy the electrical tape mural is based off a street artist in Australia named Buff Diss.  “It is all going to be based on figure, but they can do whatever they want within that category.” McCoy bought each student one roll of electric tape.  Sounds challenging? “…depends on the design… but some will use five rolls and some will use two,” according to McCoy.

As part of the grade the students have to clean the walls and then pick a spot to start the adventure. It will all be in black and white.  After the art is complete, students present their work to the class and explain why they chose the design they did.

From other’s perspectives it is an interesting view, to walk around the halls and see these masterpieces at work. They started Thursday, March 9th, and have until the 17th to complete their mural, the day before spring break.

She enjoys the charisma the students give off during this time. It is as if the students just get to set their mind free with a fun relaxing project right before spring break. “The students get a really excited energy about it.”


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