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Captivating Choirs


Sara Brightwell | Staff Writer

5th Ave La Cueva show choir at Kansas City taking a picture before they preformed. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Pacheco.

A couple of weekends ago our fantastic show choirs went to The Heart of American Show Choir competition in Kansas City. Our all girl choir 5th Avenue got 3rd runner up in the unisex division. The boys and girls choir is Main Street, and they got 6th in the mixed division and were only four points away from making the finals.

Each show choir has a theme to their performance. 5th Ave’s theme was baseball and their performance was full of bats, caps, and pretty pink League of Our Own baseball dresses.

Main Street’s theme was being sneaky spies, and their performance was filled with smooth red dresses, pure white tuxedos, and a smirk on their faces.

It was a long trip to Kansas City, a fourteen hour drive. The singers had to be at La Cueva at 4:00am on Friday morning, the 17th of February with their suit case ready to go. They slept on the bus and when everyone woke up they watched movies, played games, and had to save their voices for the upcoming performance.

They performed on Saturday, the 18th, and had to wake up at 5:30 am to get prepared for the day ahead. Our mixed choir preformed at 7:45 am and after that they had a couple of hours in-between before Main Street had to go on.

Main Street went on and killed it! “We performed and that went pretty good! We felt that it was our best performance yet!” said Zach Miller, a junior on Main Street.  After, they watched all the other teams in their division before the finals were announced.

Only a shocking four points can make a big difference, and Main Street placed 6th in their division.

Then 5th Ave showed what they’ve got. They were clean and their energy was off the charts! The awards for their division were at 11:00pm that night. 5th Ave placed 3rd runner-up.

Our choirs did really well and they enjoy what they do! Try out next year for our new one big choir Main Street!


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