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“Get Out” Changes the Horror Movie Game


Movie poster for “Get Out”. Photo from IMBD.


Get Out, one of the most hyped horror movies of 2017, debuted two weeks ago and stunned movie viewers across the nation. Garnering a 100 percent review rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a popular movie review site, many people have stated that Get Out is a reinvention of the modern horror story.

The story also addressed race relations in a new polarized America, making audiences questions the current state of our nation. Director Jordan Peele wanted to tell a story of race relations through the horror genre without demonizing white people and presenting them in a way that’s not racially biased.

Focusing on an interracial couple in New York City, Chris (a black man portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (a white woman portrayed by Allsion Williams) make the trip upstate to introduce her boyfriend to her parents, Missy and Dean (Katherine Keener and Bradley Whitford).  All seems normal until Chris starts to realize that everything is not what it seems. Rose’s parents make several allusions to racism throughout their encounter and this all comes to a climax during a family gathering. The other African Americans around Chris are emotionless and in a state of subconsciousness.

The movie ends with a heroic climax leaving the audience very satisfied. This movie was very different from most other horror movies coming out today as it captivated the audience through a wide array of horror tactics. The story also was very unexpected and full of surprises that left audiences stunned. Comic relief was also featured very heavily, which allowed audiences a break from the constant fear factor portrayed for most of the movie.

The cinematics, sets, and costume choices were also superb and took the story much farther in depth. The use of a rural New York house alone in the forest contributed to the sense of helplessness felt throughout the story. The work of all the technical support throughout the movie greatly contributed to the horror.

The acting was also on point and contributed to the psychological horror felt throughout the movie. They allowed the audience to be on the edge of their seats throughout the movie and also greatly pushed the movie farther.

Overall, “Get Out” changed the game for horror movies in the future as it gave audiences a new take on the genre as a whole. The acting, directing, and story was perfected in a way that made the movie feel real and also effectively addressed racial relations in America in a non-contentious way. This movie definitely deserved the high ratings it has gotten since its release.


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