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Holly Holm’s UFC 208 Appeal Denied by NYSAC



The feeling of true defeat has set in for the camp of Holly Holm.

The New York State Athletic Commission yesterday denied the appeal made by Holm’s camp of her UFC 208 loss to Germaine De Randamie for the inaugural UFC women’s featherweight championship. The denying of the appeal now officially makes De Randamie the UFC women’s featherweight champion.

The camp was specifically appealing supposed errors made by referee Todd Anderson in the 2nd and 3rd rounds for not stepping in quick enough to avoid late blows by De Randamie, including a vicious elbow that wobbled Holm at the end of the 2nd round. “After a review of the video footage of the bout, the New York State Athletic Commission determined that there was no clear error or violation of statute or rule by Referee Todd Anderson,” an official with the NYSAC told The camp believed Anderson should have taken a point away after the 2nd occurrence of late shots.

Holm spoke with Ariel Helwani on his show The MMA Hour, saying she didn’t expect the fight result to be overturned but hopes De Randamie stays true to her word of giving an immediate rematch. “I’m not trying to be like a wuss about it and whine, that’s definitely not what I’m trying to do,” she said to Helwani. “I think that’s a hard spot for me. A lot of people keep saying, well, she hit you after the bell, how do you feel? Well, I’m a fighter. I’m not going to sit here and whine about it and complain…”



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