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La Cueva Breaks Ground on New Wing Construction


Matthew Zank | STAFF WRITER

La Cueva breaks ground on the new wing.

La Cueva breaks ground on the new wing.

La Cueva finally broke ground on a new special education wing last week after almost four years of planning. The new wing is meant to help accommodate special education students and will also add a new weight room and locker room upgrade to other parts of the campus.

The initial planning for this construction came about in 2012 and has taken almost five years for the project to finally begin. Money was moved around and plans were approved and La Cueva was finally able to begin the construction. The project is expected to be completed around Spring of 2018, meaning that all juniors will get to see the completed project before they graduate.

“We are very excited about our 30 year old campus receiving a much-needed face-lift,” said Principal Dana Lee in her monthly letter to the community.

The new wing will also help many special education students as there will be more resources and tools available to help them in this new addition. Students involved in athletics will also be very happy as they will be getting a much needed locker room upgrade as well as a new weight room.

The construction should affect parking situations around campus, but these should be minor and alternatives will be explained by the school. La Cueva has also encouraged students and parents with questions to contact the school for more information.

This new project comes at a time when budget issues among the district and school are unclear and many have raised questions about the money being spent on this wing. The money for this construction is dictated by the state for construction and cannot be used for anything else like paper, new desks, etc.

Although many are not happy with the new construction, the school sees it as a great new project and a much needed facelift to many parts of La Cueva.


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