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Attention All Sophomores

AP Seminar students focused on their written team reports.

AP Seminar students focused on their written team reports.

Kaylin Carpenter|Features

If you’re a sophomore, enjoy English class, and like to have freedom in your assignments, AP Seminar is the class for you!

Taught by Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Soto, the Capstone program at La Cueva is extremely helpful in many ways. Not only do you enhance your writing and researching skills, but it’s also an AP elective and accounts for an English credit if you’re a senior. By taking this class, you will find that writing essays in English and other classes becomes a lot easier due to the new skills you’ve learned. Junior, Lexie Keller, balances both girls’ varsity soccer and AP Seminar. Lexie said, “I like AP Seminar because it has challenged me in more ways that any other class could. It has been beneficial to not only my research skills, but it has also helped me in all of my other classes!”

You also get the freedom to research whatever you want. So whether you wish to write about college sports, the legal drinking age, or scientific issues, the choice is yours. Although it’s a tough class with a lot of work, the class is very relaxed and Mr. Sanchez frequently brings in donuts for the students. Most in class time is spent on computers working on presentations and papers, so you have a lot of time to get your work done during school hours. Not only does this prevent hours and hours of homework, but it allows you to ask your teacher questions whenever you want.

So if you’re looking for a challenge to enhance your writing and research skills, AP Seminar is a great idea.


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