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DECA District 2017



Oh, you’re in DECA? Tell me, then, what does it stand for?





That isn’t actually what it stands for, but La Cueva DECA definitely showed that they define every one of those words at DECA District on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

For anyone not in DECA, District day probably doesn’t mean much except the one day out of the year that the snack bar is closed. For those who are, this is the day that you find out if you qualify for state competition.

The event took place at UNM, in Popejoy Hall, where several other Albuquerque schools were piling in dressed to impress. Immediately we noticed that La Cueva’s dress standards were far above those of other schools; we were pristine, polished, professional – some students from other schools were wearing Hollister shirts and sneakers. The next thing we noticed was that our group was much larger than that of any other school, and our spirit was stronger. As soon as they announced La Cueva had entered the building, the seats were shaking with our cheers.

The guest speaker was Eric Strauss, a Golden Apple Award winner, teacher and speaker. Most guest speakers at DECA events will speak about how anything is possible, that we can achieve greatness, but the difference with Strauss was that he already acknowledged this; yes, we will be able to achieve greatness, but it is the gratitude to the people that got you there that will help you stay there. He even asked one student to come onto the stage in front of everyone, call his father, and tell his father “I love you” for the entire audience to hear. The best part was that his dad actually laughed, “Are you drinking?”

After Strauss was done, we were released for lunch. There are several restaurants around UNM that we all poured into, twenties of suits and dresses lining up at the doors of Frontier, The SUB, and more. We definitely got some weird looks from the regulars on Central and questions about “what is going on?”

The awards ceremony was very long. We all came to understand why Mr. Faulkner told us “’and from La Cueva’ are the most hated words at DECA District.” Overall, 153 students qualified for state, which is the vast majority of everyone who participated in District. With pickups, the sum may come to 160. Every La Cueva name that was called was greeted with loud cheers from other students, and those who qualified would go up on stage and receive a medal. The next question is how many will win at state? And are you DECA-cated?


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