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Tony Romo to the Broncos?



If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, this turned your head. Current backup quarterback and longtime starting QB for the team, Tony Romo, has expressed his interest in leaving the Cowboys organization after this season and signing with a new team during the offseason. And the possible landing spot? The defending Super Bowl 50 champions, Denver Broncos.

Romo gave an emotional speech on November 15th to address to the media his current status with the Cowboys organization. “Getting hurt when you feel like you have the best team you’ve ever had was a soul crushing moment for me,” he said.

Romo had a severe injury to his back during the preseason, forcing him to be out for the majority of this regular season. He is active to play, although he’s still out of playing action. Originally, the Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones had said that as soon as he was healthy, he would jump right back into action and become the starting QB. Well, he thought twice about that after seeing rookie QB Dak Prescott play.

Dallas picked Prescott in the 4th round of the NFL draft, but that did not stop him from proving that he belonged in the mix with the top of the organization. Prescott had 176 pass attempts in the first games of his NFL career, and he didn’t throw a single interception. It was finally on his 177th that he threw his 1st INT of the season and NFL career. He has completed 68% of his passes of so far, averaging about 8 yards per throw.

The Cowboys, behind the dynamic rookie duo of Prescott and starting RB Ezekiel Elliott, are the top team in the NFL in terms of the best record at 10-1.

La Cueva student and proud Dallas Cowboys fan Tristan Stone was not shocked when he first heard of what Romo said, but he was shocked about something else. “I’m shocked that he said he wants to go to the Broncos, but not about him going to another team,” Stone said. “In my opinion, I think he should just call it quits and retire.”

Talks about him retiring have been floating around recently after the number of injuries he has taken over these last couple of years. But Romo has proved to his fans he isn’t going to give up just yet.

So what are the chances that Romo goes to the Mile High City? Let’s take a look. Even though Romo has expressed his interest in leaving the Cowboys this season, his contract is not over until 2019, where he will become an unrestricted free agent in 2020. Which means that the only way that he would be able to get out of his contract is for him to be released/cut from the organization or to be traded from the organization.  Both require another team to agree to pay the remaining amount, or close to it, of Romo’s 6 year, $108 million contract.

When a player is released from a team, they have a couple of options.  They can choose a team that is expressing interest in them, or they can express interest in a team as well.  This would be the case for the Romo situation. But this option has a very slim chance, knowing that Jerry Jones would not want to let go of a player who has greatly helped his franchise get to their present status. 

As for the trade option, if a player is traded, they can give their opinion as to which team they would like to go to, but they will not have full control of where they go. The main control goes to the people up in the front office.

Now the real question that stands is… Will Romo actually keep his “promise” and do a Peyton Manning type deal and go to the Broncos? After laying out the facts, there is a possibility, but we most likely will not know until the off season.


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