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What’s your view?


SARA BRIGHTWELL | Lifestyles Writer

We are surrounded by political views and peoples opinions on what this country needs to do and what problems need to be solved. One person says, “Everyone needs to stop being so butt-hurt.”  Another believes, “We need to change how we vote for a candidate before we even know what they’re going to do in office.”

But where do people get their views in the first place? I asked La Cueva students about where they get their views and if they’re open about them. The majority said they are influenced by their family. Also most are pretty open about their views.

What are your views? Which side are you gonna take? Photo credit to The Iowa Daily Democrat

What are your views? Which side are you going to take? Photo credit to The Iowa Daily Democrat.

“I get my views from my family and how I was raised,” said La Cueva student Diana Alverez. Just think, where do you get your religion? Most students get it from their parents or they wouldn’t have a religion.

Same with political views.  We grow up learning about where our parents take a political stand in our home life where we listen to daily discussions about abortion and women’s rights, ISIS, the economy, illegal immigration. Your parents are one of the biggest parts of your life, so parents shape the minds of the young.

Another huge part of this society is media. Social media is a huge part of how news gets around.  Instagram political cartoons and Facebook memes about Trump and Clinton, Johnson and Giant Meteor fill our cell phones.  Also, many of us watch different television news stations and see what other people think. CNN and Fox News broadcast 24/7 the latest political information and commentary.

Parents start the shaping and you just believe if you have made the right choice.  One LCHS senior who just cast his first vote in a national election said, “I think I’m super open about it and I think I’m very opinionated in what I believe and the truth to be.”


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