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Braces, Crutches, and Casts: Oh My!

Cori Walker poses by her crutches and shows off her torn ACL. Photo by Austin Denton

Cori Walker poses by her crutches and shows her torn ACL. Photo by Austin Denton


You may have seen an increase in the number of students walking the hallways of La Cueva either on crutches or wearing a knee brace. This seems to be the trend during this time of year, athletes getting injured one day, and coming back to school with something supporting their injury the next day. For Beckett Thomas, Evan Pfeiffer, and Cori Walker it’s definitely the fall season. All three soccer athletes were playing or practicing their sport one day, and then coming back to school the next day with an injury.

Thomas, a freshman who plays for the JV boys soccer team, was in PE when he first “tweaked” his injury. “I pulled it in PE, and I didn’t think it was that bad, so I went to practice,” he said. “But when we started to scrimmage varsity, my knee buckled.” Thomas suffered a knee injury while at the same time tearing his MCL. He will return to action sometime in the next six to nine months.

As for Pfeiffer, his injury could’ve been worse. He plays JV boys soccer as well, and his injury occurred also while practicing. He broke his tibia and fibula, the two bones that make up the lower leg. “I went for a ball at a weird angle, and when it came toward my foot, it rolled awkwardly on my ankle,” he said. He mentioned that the soccer field’s condition at La Cueva may have played a factor into his injury. “I feel like that the field here is not in the best shape. They could probably make it better.”

Then there is Walker, who out of the three athletes has the worst injury. She tore her ACL, which is one of the most major injuries in any sport and had to have immediate surgery to repair it. She will be out for eight months at the least. “I’m a goalkeeper, and I can’t remember if it happened when I was in dive, or right as I came down, but that’s how I tore it,” she said. Her injury did not happen on the practice field; it happened during a game at Cleveland High School. She also made the claim that the field conditions at the school could have prevented her injury. “The field was really bumpy, and that’s not good for a soccer field.”

In total, 2 of our 3 athletes believe field conditions should be improved to prevent further injuries, not just for them, but for their peers on their team. When speaking to head girls soccer coach Amber Ashcraft about the rough field conditions that may have caused some injuries, she hopes the field here at LC can be better maintained in the future. “I do think that after a while, this field does get pretty bad divets in it. With soccer, PE, and band all on it in one day, it makes sense,” she said. She also stated that most of the injuries that occur around this time of year are muscular injuries. “The girls have to play close to 18 games, so their muscle kind of takes a toll after a while.”



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