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Why I want Trump to win


MATTHEW statesenatecontrol-post-election-gif-0ZANK | Staff Writer

Throughout every election cycle, political parties gain and lose support in congress and at state levels in elections, called wave elections. When a president of a certain party is elected, that party normally loses support in congress and at a state level. These elections are called wave elections and normally happen after a two term president, and one is happening this year.

When Obama took office at the beginning of 2009, Democrats fully controlled 20 state governments. But today, Democrats only fully control eight states. Since 2012, Republicans have gained control of more than 23 state governments and both houses of congress. With this new control, many laws against abortion, gay rights, immigration, and workers unions have seen unprecedented increases since then.

This is not a new trend as both parties have gained support under a President of a different party such as Bush in 2008, Clinton in 2000, Reagan in 1988, and many presidents before him.

Today we are at a crucial moment in the election as Clinton has now gained a heavy lead in the majority of battleground states and the election seems to be decided. As a Democrat, I am a dreading November 8.

If the Democrats stay incumbent, the party could suffer more than it currently is by losing more states in congress and at a state level. In 2018 most states will hold Gubernatorial elections, which will be an important moment for Democrats to regain footing in states that have been lost.

The Democratic Party is currently bleeding and we need to focus on gaining back control in the places that matter the most. If we continue on this track, Democrats will continue to lose support across the nation and the country will be converted into a Conservative/Republican powerhouse. As a liberal and a Democrat, that is what scares me the most.


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