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La Cueva's media specialist Gerri Barnhart is also the leader of the UNESCO Club. Photo by Citlali Tierney

La Cueva’s media specialist Gerri Barnhart is also the leader of the UNESCO Club. Photo by Citlali Tierney.

Not many people know of the UNESCO club at La Cueva. UNESCO is a worldwide organization. According to the UNESCO website,”UNESCO strives to build networks among nations that enable this kind of solidarity.” But what does this mean to La Cueva?

UNESCO was founded in 1945 with one goal. To bring nations together. UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations. They believe in the fundamental human right that every boy and girl deserves a good education.

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your community? Two students at La Cueva, senior Marcos Montoya and 2016 La Cueva graduate Insun Yoon, have made that easy for everyone to do. “We want to connect cultures within our school,” said Montoya.

UNESCO puts on  projects bringing light to all different cultures. Last year La Cueva’s UNESCO created a Holocaust exhibit at La Cueva. At this event Holocaust survivors spoke and many facts about the Holocaust were given. It brought different perspectives and experiences of people affected in the Holocaust.

This year the Unesco club is still looking for their big cultural event. If you have any ideas you can talk to La Cueva’s Librarian Gerri Barnhart. She will also be happy to give you more information about how to join UNESCO. The meetings take place the first or the last Wednesday of every month in the library after school.

“I encourage anyone who has an interest in teaching people, learning about world events, peace, and tolerance to join UNESCO,” said Marcos Montoya, UNESCO member.



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