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Pep Rally 2016

pep rally photo.jpg

LCHS cheerleaders hand out lollipops to football players. Photo by Raychelle Creech, cheerleading booster club president.



There’s no better way to kick off the start of football season than a pep rally! This year’s pre-season rally on August 23rd in the swamp at La Cueva continued the long-standing tradition for Bear athletes and fans of all ages. According to Coach Back, the first pep rally held at La Cueva was in the back parking lot. At this very first pep rally, they brought in an old damaged car, painted in Cibola colors (they were playing them the next night), and they paid $1 to smash it with a sledge hammer.

It’s a way to create a sense of community and raise school spirit as football season gets started. Ran by the football team’s Booster Club, there was an abundance of food, snacks, drinks, and desserts, and everyone goes to get pumped up about what the upcoming season may hold. All of the food was paid for by the football parents or donated by local companies in support of our football team. The coaches announce every player for each La Cueva football team, from the very smallest YAFL boys, to the oldest Varsity players that they all look up to. Even the YAFL cheerleaders go to support their players and get them excited and motivated for their very first game.

A DJ from a local radio station played the whole time keeping the energy happy and alive, and the dancers and cheerleaders performed. The Las Ositas performed a very fun and lively dance to a super cool football music mix. They definitely got the crowd super involved with the pep rally, and the cheerleaders led the crowd in a cheer to help everyone get excited.

Based on the La Cueva win 31-26 over Cibola in their East vs. West season opener on August 24th, the pep rally definitely got the team ready to dominate this season. Senior football player, Josh Woison, said “I really like the pep rally. I look forward to it every year because the band, the cheerleaders, my family, and kids from school are all there. It just kind of kicks off the season!”


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