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Those Graduation Blues



Many emotions filled Tingley Colosseum this Wednesday as the La Cueva class of 2016 graduated. The graduates were relieved, the teachers and families were proud, and the friends were sad to see their friends go.

“It was so surreal, and it was hard to believe high school was over for me,” said Marquis Penny. He said he reflected on all of his experiences in high school and felt proud, but sad to leave La Cueva behind. Many other seniors felt this way. In high school, you change, meet new people, and learn a lot of things about everything (including yourself), so it can be emotional to move on and enter the next part of your life.

The seniors are both eager and nervous to begin the next chapter in their life. College is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Graduate, Jeremy Winter is ready for this challenge. “I’m both excited and nervous, because I don’t really know what to expect.”  Winter plans on going to UNM to become a sports physician. He said, “I’d really like to help athletes get back to their sports as fast as possible.”

It can be hard to watch the seniors leave, especially if you’re close with them. Junior, Jason Vega, was very glum to see all of his older friends leave. He said, “It sucks because those are most of my friends, but I’m glad to watch them move forward.”

For the class of 2016, there’s no doubting their ability to accomplish great things and face the challenges that college upholds.


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