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Sophomore Advice



It’s been said that the hardest year of high school is either sophomore or junior year. For the freshmen who are going to be sophomores next year, it can be intimidating because they aren’t at the bottom of the food chain anymore and harder classes are being introduced. As a sophomore now, there’re a lot of things that I wish I would’ve been told before coming into this year.

What I wish I would’ve been told about sophomore year:

  • Take chemistry over the summer! Although it costs quite a bit of money, you WILL regret taking it during the school year. This class causes a lot of stress and confusion, especially if science isn’t your strong suit.
  • You will read a lot of books sophomore year. If you take honors English, all you will be doing is reading, testing, and writing essays. So, you are much better off getting it over with and actually reading the books, rather than using Sparknotes or Schmoop.
  • If you decide to take AP world history, be prepared for map memorization, lots of writing, and extremely difficult tests. The majority of Mr. Neuser’s class is lecturing and reading out of the textbook, and everything on his tests are in the book. So read the book, and you will get much higher grades.
  • Although an online class seems much easier than taking the class in school, it can be very troublesome. E-cademy can be very difficult to use, and it is VERY easy to get behind on. It can also cause you problems when it comes to graduation.

What I learned from sophomore year:

  • The more organized you are, the easier your life is. Yes, this is something that applies to everything, but this year I was very unorganized and it ended up hurting my grades in the long run.
  • Just because an assignment isn’t for a grade, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. There’s a reason the teacher assigned it, and most likely it is to help you on an upcoming exam or quiz.
  • Don’t throw away old assignments. You never know when a teacher might do a random binder check.
  • Lastly, sometimes being the most popular person isn’t the most important thing. Keeping a small group of close friends saves less drama, and you end up having a better year.

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