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Saving the Whales at SeaWorld?


by Claire Plymale

SeaWorld has recently announced that it will no longer be breeding their killer whales from this point on. This news comes quickly after SeaWorld decided to no longer have the whale performances after many complaints and protests of animal rights activists. While this is a big move on SeaWorld’s part this decision still does not satisfy many. Complaints are still coming in saying that activists cannot be completely happy until the whales are released into the wild.

However all of the whales in SeaWorld’s possession were breed in captivity and have never been in the wild before. According to The New York times no orca or dolphin born in captivity has ever been able to survive after being released into the wild. Joel Manby, the president and chief executive of SeaWorld says, “We are very concerned about the animals’ health.” The 29 orcas in SeaWorld’s care will be the last generation in the parks and keeping those in captivity and no longer breeding them seems to be the best solution as of now.


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