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Diary of a Wimpy Kaylin- the Problems with Prom



Prom has come and passed, and that means hurt feet, rainy weather, and stress over hair and makeup.

This year, the weather on the day of prom was all over the place. Which meant picture locations had to be changed, umbrellas were a necessity, and dresses were dragging all over the wet ground. Because of this, my group ended up taking pictures at the Women’s Hospital (lovely right?). At first we were going to take pictures at Tanoan, then it changed to Sandia Casino. Finally, thanks to a group message with all of the moms, it was decided that we were going to take our pictures in the lobby of one of the Women’s Hospital buildings. Nothing screams prom like a hospital, am I right?

Another prom problem is being as short as my friends and I are. When you’re going to prom with a tall date, high heels are a must. The problem with this is that they can kill your feet, making it painful to dance (or do anything). Mostly every girl’s heels come off during the dance, but when I took mine off, I was a good foot shorter than my super tall date. I couldn’t stay in my shoes any longer, and as soon as I took mine off the slow song came on. Try staying serious during a slow dance when you can’t reach your date. It’s not easy, and the whole time I was laughing. Not only does removing your heels make you way shorter, but when the heels come off, your dress starts to drag on the ground. Then, you have to be aware of your distance from everyone. Any less than 1 foot of distance means your dress is going to be stepped on. Not fun. Some poor girl even had to beg to get my attention because I had accidentally stepped on her dress, and she couldn’t move. I couldn’t hear her trying to tell me I was on her dress, and finally the frustrated girl basically yelled that I was on it and needed to get off…super awkward!

Other than that, the dance was super fun and made for some super funny memories!

Some tips for next prom: pray that it doesn’t rain all day, if it does rain pick a nicer photo place than a hospital (or bring an umbrella, because umbrella prom pictures can be super cute), short date=no heels, and lastly don’t step on anyone’s dress. They will NOT be happy!


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