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Summer work


by Noah Tatz

I want to talk about working at Loma Linda this summer. It is a community center for big kids. I will be a counselor in training.

I get to Loma Linda in the morning and I help out. The first thing we do is computer lab. I like listening to Disney songs on Youtube. The next thing we do is go outside. The kids like to play on the swings, the slide, and they like to play kickball. I watch the kids and always play with them. Then we do arts and crafts. We do things like coloring and making stuff.

At lunchtime the staff gives us lunch. My favorite things to eat are PB-J, cheese sticks, milk, and carrots.

When we are inside the community center, I like to play Uno and shoot pool. I get excited when I play Uno. Sometimes we go on field trips. We go in the van to the movies, swimming pool, and the zoo. My most favorite thing to do is the movies. I like the cartoon movies the best. I also eat popcorn. It tastes delicious.

I have a lot of friends at Loma Linda. My friends are nice. Their names are Moses, Will, Zane, and Haley. We play on the computer and we also play dodgeball.

At the end of the day I help the little kids get ready to go. We clean up and I help them get their backpacks ready. After the kids leave I get ready to go. I am happy to go home because I am tired.

Working at Loma Linda is fun!


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