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Family duo turns to solo

Photo by Grant Hendrickson Noelle wears her class shirt with her brother by her side.

Photo by Grant Hendrickson
Noelle wears her class shirt with her brother by her side.

Natalie Cook | Sports

While high school comes to a wrap for the seniors and they are beyond excited for their future, that isn’t the case to the siblings who are still in high school. It isn’t as easy of a transition for the siblings because they depend so much on their older family. “There isn’t nobody to tell me what to do,” sophomore Grant Hendrickson said. “There is no one by my side that I can turn to for help.”

Learning to adapt to being on your own does not come easily, but every sibling has them in their thoughts. “I know that my sister Noelle was able to go to school without me being there, so I know that I can do the same without her,” Hendrickson said. However, there is an even harder thing to cope with and that is their sibling going away to college. “I’m going to spend the most time I can with her and make the last days count. It’ll be hard seeing her leave, but she’ll be fine, and so will I.”



  1. John Cena says:

    My sibling is going to be a freshman next year and I am not prepared to give him all the advice that I never got as the oldest. If I had to struggle so will he, and if I get boo’ed as a freshman SO WILL HE.


  2. Kearstin Baros says:

    I remember being in the same situation when my brother went to college over three years ago. It is always more fun to have a sibling by your side in high school. It seems to make school more fun and interesting when someone really close to you goes to the same school.


  3. PZG says:

    This article definitely has a strong pathos when expressing the bond between a brother and sister. The quotes help reach that large pathos effect because they are short, but get straight to the point. However, one of the quotes makes the speaker sound unintelligent by using double negatives and incorrect grammar. Maybe try to adjust their quotes just a little to still get their main idea, but doesn’t make the speaker look and sound as if they have poor grammar.


  4. Sarah D says:

    This article seems like a common occurrence with younger and older siblings. I agree on the fact that younger siblings rely on their older siblings. In my opinion, parents strive to have children that get along and rely on each other. Yet, this article hit home for me because now that I realize it, what about my own brother and I?


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