Meow Wolf


The Arcade

Claire Plymale |  News Editor

Recently I got the pleasure to go to the Meow Wolf Art Complex in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The House of Eternal Return is a permanent interactive art show at the Meow Wolf space. The exhibit is like no other and is completely magical. In the exhibit a story is told through exploring and imagination.

When I fist walked into the House of Eternal Return I felt like a kid at the candy shop. I hadn’t been this excited in a long time and this place felt truly magical. I literally was smiling and completely giddy when exploring the exhibit. The exhibit has so many utterly unique areas like a tree house, a retro arcade, beautiful glowing “caves”, and so much more. Everywhere you look there is a secret door leading you to a completely different world and everything means something. You can open the fridge door and be in a science lab. You can walk through a curtain and be in a room with lasers and crazy lights and mist. You can sit down on a seat and look up and you are suddenly driving a bus. There are so many rooms full of beautifully panted walls and incredible environments. It’s truly incredible.

Going to The House of Eternal Return was one of the most enchanting and magical places I have ever been to. You cannot get bored in that place. The space transforms you into an excited kid again and you just want to explore everything and you can! You need to go to the Meow Wolf space as soon as you can and I promise, you won’t regret it.

Located at 1352 Rufina Cir, Santa Fe, NM, 875o7.  Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return is open Monday, Wednesday-Sunday from 10:00am – 8:00pm and Friday-Saturday, 10:00am – 10:00pm.

For more information, visit The Meow Wolf website at



  1. Nidal Jawad says:

    Meow Wolf is one of the best in Santa Fe for art that is magical. Meow Wolf is like nothing I have ever seen in New Mexico. It makes you feel like in a different world that you are stuck in. It might cost a bit, but just the art and everything about it is so worth it. Meow Wolf isn’t just for art, but also you could find out what happened to the family that used to live in the house or just simply enjoy the art that is there. Definitely going to go there again.


  2. B.H.M says:

    I know exactly where my next road trip will be. I want to experience this “truly magical” place for myself. I think that this museum will bring attention to New Mexico. I think art will make our state a lot more beautiful and bring the good attention. And we will no longer be referred to as the “Breaking Bad place”.

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