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Prom’s Life-lessons

Pick the newest Edition and get a coupon to help make your last-minute errands a little bit less financially crippling!

Pick the newest Edition and get a coupon to help make your last-minute errands a little bit less financially crippling!

Marshall Ma | News Writer

La Cueva’s 2016 prom is one day away. If you procrastinate like many, today will be the most restless Friday of your life– assuming you’re planning on going to prom. I went to Men’s Wearhouse just yesterday in attempts to rent only a jacket. After waiting an hour just to talk to a representative, I had to stand and watch her fiddle away at their faulty technology just to give me an estimate on renting a jacket. The final cost came out to nearly $400. I immediately shot down the offer and decided I would just use my blazer from home. According to the anticipated valedictorian of the 2016 senior class, Randy Zhang, “I spent nearly $600 on a tux from Men’s Wearhouse yesterday, the price largely inflated by the rush fee. Though high school students are the best at procrastinating, we just cannot seem to outsmart prom.”

The only thing getting me through these crushingly expensive errands is knowing this is my last prom and high school dance ever. For me, this unrepeatable experience is worth potentially going bankrupt. But for many, it may not be. So in light of this, I finally understand those who prefer to not go.

Even though I am losing so much money, I personally find that it is better to be sorry than safe because in reality, we only regret the things we don’t do.



  1. Student says:

    Randy Zhang can’t outsmart prom? That’s an issue.


  2. Kearstin Baros says:

    I personally didn’t go to prom this year as I found it was more fun to hang out with my friends without having to pay so much money. Although it is a school experience, I find it crazy to have to just pay money to hang out with friends you could hang out with for free. But we all say that in high school and just end up going for the experience eventually.

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  3. B.H.M. says:

    Teens today are slaves for everything cool. Big corporations target teens knowing that teens will do anything or spend anything to get that memorable prom experience. I think that we should prove them wrong and learn to be our own selves a lot sooner.

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