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Down N’ Dirty Seafood Boil Review


Isabella Barton| News Writer

I went on a Friday night and the wait was long, almost an hour and a half in fact.  But the food was completely worth it. On the pricy side of $20.00 a pound for crab legs, the freshness cannot be beaten.

After sitting down and looking over their pretty basic menu of crab legs, muscles, shrimp, scallops and more, you get to pick a sauce to have your food soaked in. I had the garlic butter which pared perfectly with some lemon with the crab claws, perfect if you’re not into spicy foods. The food came out relatively fast and the service was good.

Those of you who are wanting spicy, Down n Dirty is still your place. Along with those who don’t enjoy seafood there is still something to eat for you such as chicken tenders, sweet potato fries, French fries and sausages, which I didn’t try even though they smelled great.

This place isn’t fancy, it’s a family place, were the mood is good and the food is better. If you like the boil style meal, you will love this place. Being one of the very few places like this in Albuquerque. It’s good food and easy dining. Located at 6100 4th St. NW.


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